The Human Voice

by Francis Poulenc
Premiere 9. february 2017


Composer Francis Poulenc   Libretto Jean Cocteau   Language French   Acts 1   Duration 40 minutes  

The opera La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice) by French composer Francis Poulenc is based on a play of the same name by Jean Cocteau. The opera is a lyrical tragedy in one act and describes a woman´s last phone call to her lover who has broken up with her after five years. We hear and see only her side of the conversation as she tries to come to terms with her monumental pain.

This production of the Icelandic opera is unusual in it´s interpretation – here Elle, the main character, will be performed by the soprano Auður Gunnarsdóttir and the actress Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir. Staging and directing is in the hands of Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir. Musical Director: Irene Kudela. Pianist:Eva Þyri Hilmarsdóttir. Costumes and set: Helga I. Stefánsdóttir.


The stage director Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir talks about the production


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Artistic directors

Music Director
Irene Kudela
Costume Designer
Helga I. Stefánsdóttir