Eugene Onegin

by Pjotr Tchaikovsky
Premiere 22. october 2016


Composer Pjotr Tchaikovsky   Libretto Konstantin Shilovsky   Language Russian   Acts 3   Breaks

Tchaikovsky´s most loved opera Eugene Onegin is based on Alexander Pushkin´s verse novel of the same title.  Since the opera´s first performance in Russia, the romantic, beautiful, and moving opera has been the nation´s favourite. Onegin is also the most performed Russian opera outside Russia and is regularly performed in leading opera houses around the world.

In Tchaikovsky´s opera the dashing, unconventional Onegin visits the estate of Mrs. Larina and her daughters, Tatyana and Olga. From first glance, Tatyana believes that he is the hero of her dreams, but he rejects her without hesitation. Onegin is bored in the countryside and flirts with her sister, Olga. This outrages Lensky, Olga’s fiancé and Onegin’s only friend and Lensky challenges him to a duel where Onegin kills him. To try to escape his guilt Onegin travels the world but returns to Russia and discovers that Tatyana is married to Prince Gremin and lives in the high society of St. Petersburg. He is overwhelmed by her poise and grace and begs her to return his love to her. Although she still loves him deeply, Tatyana stays true to her husband. 

„Happiness was within our reach, so close! So close!“ – Eugene Onegin and Tatyana, Act 3 Sc.II

The opera is performed in Russian with English and Icelandic surtitles. This  is the first time an opera in Russian is performed in Iceland.



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Artistic directors

Benjamin Levy
Stage Director
Anthony Pilavachi
Set Designer
Eva Signý Berger
Costume Designer
María Th. Ólafsdóttir
Lighting Designer
Björn Bergsteinn Guðmundsson
Vocal and language coach
Irene Kudela