Le nozze di Figaro

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Premiere 7. september 2019


Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Libretto Lorenzo Da Ponte   Language Italian   Duration 180 minutes   Breaks

Icelandic Opera returns to the stage of the Icelandic National Theater with Mozart´s "Le nozze di Figaro". The opera is about love, marriage and entitlement. Figaro and Susanna must survive their wedding day and overcome huge obstacles – mistrust, jealousy, betrayal, lawsuits, massive debts and a lecherous lord. Meanwhile, as one marriage begins, another seems to be collapsing. The abandoned and furious Countess is hoping to save her marriage to the philandering Count, a nobleman intent on exercising decadent and ancient rights to which he mistakenly believes himself fully entitled. In a sparkling new baroque production full of aristocratic absurdity, farce and comedy, the eighteenth century has never looked so colorful, vibrant and fun. 

A short synopsis:

It's a wedding! Figaro loves Susanna, Susanna loves Figaro, the Count thinks he loves Susanna, Marcellina loves Figaro, Cherubino loves all women but especially the Countess, and the Countess still loves the Count but wishes she didn't. The Count wants to seduce Susanna and stop her marrying Figaro. Outsmarted not only by his own servants, some cunning disguises, people jumping out of windows, but also by the sudden arrival of a couple of long-lost parents and by his own wife's determination and ingenuity, the Count slowly realises that the world is changing and he might not be in charge anymore....



  • Brúðkaup Fígarós
  • Brúðkaup Fígarós
  • Brúðkaup Fígarós
  • Brúðkaup Fígarós
  • Brúðkaup Fígarós

Artistic directors

Stage Director
John Ramster
Set Designer
Bridget Kimak
Costume Designer
Bridget Kimak
Chorus Master
Magnús Ragnarsson
Lighting Designer
Halldór Örn Óskarsson
Katrín Gunnarsdóttir
Assistant Stage Director
Níels Thibaud Girerd