About The Icelandic Opera

harpa-web.jpgThe Icelandic Opera was formally founded in the end of the 1970's by a group of young singers and artists. For nearly thirty years, the company resided in an old theater in downtown Reykjavík, but moved its facilities to Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in 2011, where the company is one of the main residents.

Each season, The Icelandic Opera produces a versatile programme with the participation of Icelandic talents. In its thirty year history The Icelandic Opera has staged over eighty productions, ranging from Mozart and Verdi to new works by Icelandic composers. The company also hosts concerts, with some of Icelands best-known singers as well as emerging talents, and regularly participates in co-productions with artists and theatre and musical groups. Thousands of guests enjoy The Icelandic Opera's events each year.

The Icelandic Opera puts its emphasis on Icelandic artists in its productions, although foreign artists are also regular participants. Many of Iceland's finest singers have made their debut with The Icelandic Opera, to later become well-known singers in the international world of opera.

The Icelandic Opera is a state-sponsored non-profit organization.